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Community Power Washing - Additional Info
Posted on Jul 18th, 2016
Attention Homeowner(s) and Renter(s):
Please visit www.hamptonsproject.info for all up to date information and a building washing scheduled.  Please note:  the proposed schedule at the above website is subject to change, based off weather and vendor availability.  Any and all updates to the schedule will be found at the above link.
Ranch Unit Owners - please leave your back gate unlocked the day your buidling is scheduled to be washed so the vendor can easily access your back patio area.
Please make sure to have your front door areas and all other personal items removed before the vendors begin washing the exterior of your unit and building.
Please contact mysupport@lifestylecommunities.com with any questions.
Thank you!
-Lifestyle Property Management
Dues Payment Change - Please Read!
Posted on Jun 14th, 2016
Attention Homeowner(s):
Due to recent policy changes, Lifestyle Property Management can no longer accept new Electronic Funds Trasnfer (EFT) payment requests for monthly dues payments.  Those homeowner's currently using the EFT option will also need to find alternative methods of paying your monthly dues amount.
Lifestyle Property Management will be slowly transitioning all homeowners who currently use the EFT option to alternative, Association accepted, payment methods over the summer.  The last day that Lifestyle Property Management will be auto drafting the EFT payment will be SEPTEMBER 1ST.  Starting October 1st, all homeowners who use EFT will need to have switched to a new payment method.
A list of alternatively accepted Association Dues payment methods can be found under the Residents Tab, and then under Request Forms.
The Association's banking partner, Alliance Association Bank, has an EFT/Monthly Debit option that is accepted, and would be the most similar transition to the current EFT method.  Directions on how to sign up for this service can also be found under the Request Forms section of the Residents tab.  This option will require specific information about your unit and the Association, which is as follows:
Management Company ID:  2566
Association ID:  HNP
Account Number:  Building Number and 4 digits of address.
Example:  Building 01 at 1234 Main Street would have an account number of 01-1234.
If you have issues with locating your account number, please contact your property manager, Kurt, at kbarnhart@lifestylecommunities.com.
Lifestyle Property Management will be more than willing to assist homeowners transitioning over to the newly accepted payment methods over the next coming months.  Please keep an eye on your emails and mailboxes for reminders to change over your payment methods prior to September 1st.
Once you have made your selected change, please contact coacollections@lifestylecommunities.com to let our Accounting Team know to cancel your EFT subscription, so you are not double charged for your monthly dues payment.
If you have any questions regarding alternative methods or creating a new payment profile for Alliance Association Bank, please email mysupport@lifestylecommunities.com or contact Alliance Association Bank directly at (888) 734-4567.
Thank you!
-Lifestyle Property Management 

Upcoming Events
Community Garage Sale
Saturday, August 6th, 9 am - 4 pm at The Hamptons at New Albany Park
Garage getting too full?  Basement filled to the brim?  Looking for that one special piece to complete a collection? Looking to make some extra cash and clear our your space!? 

Join your neighbors in the community and across the street at New Albany Park Condo Association for a Community Garage Sale on August 6th!  Selling starts at 9 am, and will go until 4 pm.

Homeowner's without a garage are also welcome to participate!  Please fell free to set up shop on your front steps or sidewalk area!

Starting Monday, red balloons will be available in the Clubhouse to display outside your unit to show everyone you are participating.  

Flyers, Craigslist Ads and Newspaper ads will be used to help drive up those looking for a bargain on the 6th.

Event will go on, rain or shine.

We hope to see everyone selling!

-Lifestyle Property Management

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