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WOW! Internet and Cable coming to The Hamptons!
Posted on Mar 29th, 2017
Attention Homeowner(s) and Renter(s):
The Board of Directors for The Hamptons at New Albany Park are proud to announce that WOW Internet and Cable will soon be able to offer their services to the community!

Beginning on Monday, WOW will begin installing the cabling and infrastructure needed to provide their services to all homeowners in the community.  In order to install their services in the community, underground cables and lines will need to be run throughout the community.  Vendors and machines belonging to the vendors will be brought on site for some time to place the cable lines.  This is to be expected.  The machines will be located in areas not to disturb any homeowners, should they need to be left overnight.

OUPS will also be placing flags and markers throughout the community to locate underground and buried utility lines.  Please do not remove any of these markers or flags.

WOW will begin installing the cable lines on Billy Goat Drive, and work towards Steel Dust Drive and Colonial Affair Drive once all lines along Billy Goat Drive are run.

Once the lines are run underground, WOW technicians will begin installing equipment and meters on the sides of buildings to allow services to be offered at each unit.  These will not interfere with anyone's current services, and will be placed in areas that will not interfere with anyone's enjoyment of the common elements.

This entire process is expected to last until the end of May, and services are projected to be available to all homeowners beginning in June.  An official announcement will be sent out once the final equipment installs are complete, and services are available.  Those dates are contingent on weather and other factors, and are only projections.

In the meantime, should any questions arise, please direct them to mysupport@lifestylecommunities.com.  As the project continues, periodic updates will be posted on The Association website:  www.thehamptonsatnewalbanypark.com.

The Board of Directors hopes that everyone is as excited as they are to bring this great opportunity to The Community!

To view all available packages WOW will be able to offer, please visit www.wowway.com.

Thank You!

-Lifestyle Property Management

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