The Hamptons at New Albany Park
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The Hamptons at New Albany Park The Hamptons at New Albany Park

Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Neighborhood News ~
Vinyl Fence Replacement
Posted on Jun 23rd, 2015
Attention Homeowner(s) in buildings 63-69:
Your building is scheduled to receive new vinyl fencing this year.  The following buildings will have their old, wooden fences removed, and a new vinyl fence will be installed in it’s place.  These dates are subject to change, weather permitting:
-Building 67
06/24/2015 - Old Fence Removal
06/25/2015 - Siding Repairs
06/26/2015 - Vinyl Fence Install
-Building 68
06/28/2015 - Old Fence Removal
06/29/2015 - Siding Repairs
06/30/2015 - Vinyl Fence Install
-Building 69
07/06/2015 - Old Fence Removal
07/07/2015 - Siding Repairs
07/08/2015 - Vinyl Fence Install
-Building 65
07/09/2015 - Old Fence Removal
07/10/2015 - Siding Repairs
07/13/2015 - Vinyl Fence Install
-Building 66
07/14/2015 - Old Fence Removal
07/15/2015 - Siding Repairs
07/16/2015 - Vinyl Fence Install
-Building 63
07/20/2015 - Old Fence Removal
07/21/2015 - Siding Repairs
07/22/2015 - Vinyl Fence Install
-Building 64
07/23/2015 - Old Fence Removal
07/24/2015 - Siding Repairs
07/27/2015 - Vinyl Fence Install
These dates are weather permitting.  If weather prevents any days work from being done, an additional notice will be posted.  Additional notices can be found on LC Access (    
If you have planting materials hanging on your back fence area, please have them removed by the date your old fence is subject to removal.  Please also have any items removed from the back patio area to avoid damage and allow for the vendors to remove the old fencing materials and install new ones.
Placing items in the grass area is permitting, but please have them removed by Wednesday or Thursday each week for the landscaping crews to mow and trim the community turf areas.
If you have any question, please contact or by contacting your Property Manager Kurt Barnhart at
Thank you!
-Lifestyle Property Management


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