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Winterization Tips
Posted on Nov 28th, 2017
Attention Homeowner(s) and Renter(s):
With the colder temperatures approaching, below are a few winter tips to help keep your home safe and dry:
  • Keep temperatures above 55 at all times
  • If you are leaving your unit for the winter, be sure to shut off your water valves at the water meter, above your hot water tank.
  • Drain the trapped water in your pipes by opening the faucets in your kitchens and bathrooms
  • Close the valves to your exterior spigots on the sides of the buildings and on back patios.  These valves will be located in the unfinished sections of your basements or utility closets if your unit has these valves.  Some select ranch units may have these valves in your bathrooms, under the sinks.
  • Remove the discharge plug from your exterior sump pump lines
If you anticipate being away from your unit for extended periods of time during the colders months and need assistance winterizing your home, please contact mysupport @ 614-918-2100 to schedule an appointment with Lifestyle Property Management for assistance.
Snow Tips:
  • Unit owners are responsible for clearing their stoops, steps and service walks to units
  • Please do not salt or rock salt for ice control.  Please only use calcium chloride.  Rock salt or salt will damage the concrete and void warranties.
As always, if you require assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact mysupport@lifestylecommunities.com or by calling 614-918-2100.
Thank you, and Happy Holidays!
-Lifestyle Property Management

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